Day 5 – Copenhagen

The Queen Victoria was already tied up alongside her berth when we awoke in the morning. We were fortunate to be berthed at Langelinie quay which is the closest cruise berth to the town. Two other cruise ships (Celebrity Silhouette and Royal Princess) were much further out – almost certainly a shuttle bus ride into town.

We went for breakfast in the Queens Grill this morning rather than having anything delivered to our suite. Dragging J from bed to go for breakfast can be a challenge as Romils, our butler, does an excellent job of accommodating our requests for a specific time rather than the generic half hour slots available! He is also great at pulling together some off menu requests. M had haddock this morning…..M’s mother likes haddock for breakfast when onboard, and M usually has it at least once a trip….it was a good start to the day, and less heavy than another full English!

After breakfast we went ashore. We were only perhaps 500m from the famous Little Mermaid statue. There were already a large number of tourists there, mostly from bus tours, but we got a good view of the statue before continuing the walk into the city centre along the quayside.

Our first destination was the Rosenberg castle, the old residence for the kings and queens of Denmark. It was quite a modest building, and quite dark inside. We got a bit of information out of the tour pamphlet given to us with our tickets, but it was a bit light in detail so hard to really get a good understanding of all the pictures and artefacts. In the basement were the royal treasures, as well as the crowns of state which were interesting to see. When we left a queue for the ticket office had grown, so we were lucky to have gotten there when we did as we had no queue or delays.

We had considered going to the national Art museum which is close to the Rosenberg castle, but instead chose to walk into the city centre in search of a coffee and snack.

M was expecting/hoping to find a choice of smart danish cafes of the type which have popped up in London recently, but in truth we struggled a bit. We found a place to stop to have coffee and a slice of cake (not a Danish pastry unfortunately). We sat there for a while watching the world go buy, and various buskers going about their trade.

We continued walking afterwards, heading towards the Tivoli Gardens which is a historic pleasure park. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a rather strange mix of restaurants, cafes, shops and gardens…..interlaced with a full on amusement park with rides of all sorts. After a bit of a struggle finding tickets for a ride, and deciding which one to go on, we finally joined the queue for the original wooden and gravity drive rollercoaster. This queue moved quickly and we were soon on the ride bumping up and down across the humps etc. It was quite fun and exhilarating with out being stomach churning! It turned out we only needed 2 tickets each for the ride, and as we had purchased 3 each we gave our spare tickets to a father and his daughter we bumped into as we exited who were looking for the entrance ( don’t know if they used them but made us feel better!).

We the wandered back through Copenhagen towards the Queen Victoria taking in a few photo opportunities on the way. By the time we were back onboard I think we had covered another 10 miles, so our step counts were doing quite well.

This evening we went for a short walk around the shops onboard before supper – and checked out our photos from the night before…..which we were not impressed with so did not feel the need to purchase any this time.

For supper M had a scallop ceviche, followed by Rack of Romney Marsh lamb prepared table side, and J had Beef Consomme followed by a special order of Pasta carbonara. For desert we had Crepe Suzette again, prepared by the Maitre’D – Savio who like all the Maitre’Ds we have experienced in the Queens Grill enjoy some off-menu requests, including those they can finish off table side for a bit of extra flair! So he made a recommendation for desert for tomorrow as an alternative to Crepes Suzette …..strawberry flambé.

We sat in the Grills lounge after supper (a small cosy bar reserved for the Queens & Princess Grills that is probably busier pre dinner than post) to have our tea/coffee, and to finish off our Port – that first bottle seems to have gone very quickly so we shall have to be ordering another one tomorrow. The sun was setting whilst we enjoyed our drinks.

We went to the Commodore lounge this evening to indulge in another cocktail. This time J had an”all consuming passion” – with a passion fruit flavour, and M had “Commodores cure”made of Champagne and Gin, plus other additions – both different and delicious.


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