Day 6 – A sea day in the Baltic enroute to Visby

Partly sunny day. Temperatures rising to around 21C.

Today is another sea day as we sail from Copenhagen to Visby. We had breakfast delivered to our suite this morning and a leisurely start to the day. Our butler Romilo always goes to great effort to lay everything out on our table in an orderly fashion, even though we generally order way too much food! (The pic below doesn’t show the other couple of plates of bits sat on the bar area).

After breakfast M went to another lecture by the Executive Producer G Abrams – this time focussed around whether scenes in certain movies are fact or fiction. It is evident he certainly isn’t a fan of the movie Dunkirk based on some of his passing remarks about the level of fiction versus fact depicted in it. It does feels as though he is on a bit of an easy gig at the moment – as with his first lecture much of the 45 minute slot was filled up with clips from various films. It was however an ok way to spend an hour of a sea day.

After our lunch in the Queens Grill (M had white Onion soup, followed by a fish curry. J had Serrano ham with sun blushed tomatoes and grilled vegetables, followed by a salad), it was a quiet afternoon at sea. It was rather chilly to sit out on deck but M did go for a walk around the open decks. There was a good number of other vessels going in all directions as we sailed north.

We had an early dinner this evening… it would appear a good majority of the tables in the Queens Grill had decided as well (although with a sizeable number of Germans onboard not perhaps as many as could have done!) – tonight England were playing in the World Cup semi final against Croatia. It was a Gala / black tie night but we didn’t explore much of the ships main public areas before we ate as we would normally do.

M had Lobster Bisque, with Roast Rib of beef to follow; J had a Pickled vegetable, Quinoa, Radish and coriander salad followed by the Lobster Bisque. We finished off with Strawberry Flambee which Salvio the Maitre’D had recommended the night before, and which he prepared table side. Delicious it was too – a real contender to Crepes Suzette!

We were not quite finished with our desert when there was a cheer coming from the Grills lounge as England had scored early. We watched the remainder of the game from our suite on the satellite tv service. The commentator wasn’t quite as bland as he had been for the quarter finals….I think even he (a brit)got caught up in the moment even if he was supposed to be neutral. Unfortunately England lost 1-2 after extra time… no need to go and party the night away!

That ended our sea day, and we have 4 consecutive port days ahead…..Visby, Helsinki, and two in St Petersburg.

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