47938847-E0A9-473A-9766-68D0C3AD7215The focal point of our trip to Holland with my parents was always planned to be seeing the Tulips in full bloom. This weekend was long in the planning, and all we had to hope for was good weather – and did we get lucky…..the sun shone from the moment we left London, almost to the point we pulled up back home on the Sunday…..and it was wonderfully warm (a bit too warm for my Parents and Coco (our miniature pinscher who accompanied us on the trip) at times…..pleasant at times for Jessica who loves the heat!).

Today we had planned a visit to Kueckenhof gardens. My mother prebooked our tickets, and reserved herself a wheelchair (to push as much as to ride in), as well as prepaid for the car park. We experienced only a small traffic queue before getting a parking spot almost directly in front of the entrance – it was all very well organised.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the gardens themselves, but they surpassed any pre-conceived thoughts I had had.  The gardens only open for about 7 weeks each year during the Tulip flowering season, and during that time it attracts more than 1 million visitors. It has been quite a long cold winter, so before we came I was concerned things may not be in full bloom, but a couple of weeks slightly warmer weather seemed to have move things on – the gardens were stunning. 79 acres of beautifully manicured flower borders, paths through lovely wooded areas, interspersed with lakes and ponds.  There were daffodils (nearing end of their peak), hyacinths (very fragrant), tree blossoms and of course Tulips….as well as many other varieties but that’s out of my depth!

The pictures say it all……

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